Many people have contributed to works for Words4Water since 2013 and this project would not be possible without their voices, stories and energy.

A massive thank you to Martin Drury (AU), Jo Tito (NZ), Leah Barclay (AU), Lee Joachim (AU), Nigel Helyer (AU), Andrew Hornblow (NZ), Maata Wharehoka (NZ), Sandy Sur (VA), Aishling Muller (IR), Anne-Britt Rage (NO), Anneke von der Fehr (NO), Josiah Jordan (NZ/US), Louise Curham (AU), Richard Johnson (AU), Ruth Cunningham (US), Julie Armstrong (AU), Dian Booth (AU), Kate Genevieve (UK/NZ), the Intercreate Trust, Parihaka Pa, the Australia Conservation Foundation, Drammen Kommune, Nordic 5 Arts, Living Data | MEASO, Centre for Applied Water Science at University of Canberra, Ginninderry Conservation Corridor, Urambi Parkcare Group and many more.

❤ Tracey M Benson (AU)

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